Nathan Lippe

Manager, College & Data Solution Architects

With over 10 years of experience at CareerBuilder the majority of which have been within the collegiate recruiting space specifically, Lippe is truly an expert when it comes to college recruitment, technology, and advising best practices. As the product director for CareerBuilder’s collegiate recruitment solutions, Lippe develops innovative and data-driven solutions that fulfill organizations’ unmet needs. He partners with organizations of all sizes to create, grow and nurture their campus recruiting programs to meet their college recruitment goals. Since joining CareerBuilder in 2005, Mr. Lippe has held roles within sales, marketing, and product development. Some of his most notable contributions to CareerBuilder include the development of industry leading tools College Analyst and Talent Gather. Prior to joining CareerBuilder, Mr. Lippe worked for Enterprise Rent-A-Car and also built custom homes. He holds a bachelor’s of science in business management from Elmhurst College.